Casey Natalie Weiss’s Reflection

Dear Ramah:

I have been to day school (9 years!), I am active at shul, I am part of the first ever class at the American Hebrew Academy (Jewish boarding school) in Greensboro, NC.  However, most importantly, I am a part of a family that I will never forget.

My parents always say that if they could pick only one place where I could experience my Judaism, it would be Ramah.  I cannot ever fully express my thanks to all of those that make the summers at Ramah so meaningful. Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to give something back to the camp.

8 summers. 8 summers. My first day of Nitzanim, listening to “Joy To The World” with my new best friend Tali. First Yom Sport with my heroes, the captains, jumping and screaming cheers all day. My first walkback and Shabbas service at the Bamah (stage). The edah pictures.  The water-skiing and sailing.  The infamous camping trips.   The blow up pool in the middle of the Migrash.  The many many games of Bump or Knockout on the basketball court.  Provoking Judaica classes, in hammocks under the trees.  Our Hatzagah’s (plays like Babe The Kosher Pig, Grease, Fame, Fiddler, and many more).  Yom Sport, Unga Labunga cheers.  Intercamps.  The Chadar (dining pavilion) and all of our cheering and the best grilled cheese on earth.  The hugs and kisses and laughter and tears. The most amazing people who I will never ever call my friends.  No, they are my family.

This year, as I approach my final summer at Ramah as a camper, I can only anticipate my time. I dream about it in class.  I picture my edah (unit), my family, arm in arm, walking together and singing, headed to Shabbas services.  Ramah-i love you and thank you for telling me the truth.  The summers truly do “last a lifetime”.

With Love for Machaneh Ramah in Canada, sailing, the migrash, chadar meals, late night talks, and my family and edah, Alonim 2002, Casey Natalie Weiss (age 15)