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  • Jenna

    Ramah Follows You

    As I pulled into my driveway with a packed car I felt a pit in my stomach. I saw my dog staring out the window, and heard his happy bark. I knew that my family was eagerly waiting for me inside and that I would be greeted with warm hugs and soon be in my […]

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  • Danielle Headshot

    Continuing Camp During The Year

    “There was always something so inspiring to me about the way in which Judaism seemed to effortlessly flow through every facet of camp life. From the minute you arrive to a swarm of welcoming faces at 385 Fairview to the moment you hear the sounds of Kolot Ramah on departure day, starting every morning at […]

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  • Headshot

    Maintaining a Jewish Identity in Yosemite

    Avi Rubin | California It was once estimated that at one point Avi spent more than 12% of his life in Ojai at Ramah California…that estimate has since been proven false but provides a point of reference nonetheless. Originally from San Diego, Avi graduated from UC Santa Barbara and has spent the last five years […]

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