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  • A Transformative Event, Then and Now: 1966 Ramah Israel Seminar, 50th Anniversary Reunion!

    "The first Seminar to Israel was organized in 1962, and we were the 5th group of wide-eyed 16- and 17-year-olds that Ramah brought to Israel for an 8-week summer experience of touring, exploring, and learning. We came from Ramah camps in Pennsylvania, New York, New England, Wisconsin, and Canada. Many of us had never traveled by plane before, and certainly not overseas. We all remembered the excitement of landing on the old airstrip at the Lod airport, a few even bending to kiss the ground. Furthermore, the State of Israel, established in 1948, was only one year older than we were! Of course, to teenagers, anything before we were born seemed like ancient history."

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  • How Ramah Helps Your College Apps

    "My time in camp was not a detriment to my ability to succeed in college; rather, it is the leg up that I have on all of my peers. So when planning for your future, there’s one name outside the Ivy League that I want you to keep in mind: Camp Ramah."

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  • You Should Go And Love Yourself

    "It is often said that it is impossible to love someone else before you can love yourself. This couldn’t be more true, as it is imperative that we forgive and love ourselves before we come to the Gates of Heaven and ask God to forgive and love us."

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