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Join us at Drexler's NYC on December 13 to celebrate Hanukkah together with Reshet Ramah

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    Everything Will Change, Ramah Remains the Same

    “Nobody tells you that life after college means you’ve entered an alternate universe – called reality. Within this new world you face some changes you never expected to face. Your friends get boyfriends and girlfriends, start having to put their phones down at work, move away and actually go to bed before 10 pm. Sometimes […]

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  • mf2016_classroom-copy

    A Jewish Home In An Unlikely Place

    “Last night, I celebrated Shabbat with roughly 20 Jews from around the world in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here, in Vietnam, there aren’t many Jews, as you may expect.”

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  • meryll-levine-page

    Shabbat Across Ramah — A Stop in Minneapolis

    “Celebrating Shabbat at camp was a revelation for me. No book, no d’var Torah could have taught me the feeling of a camp Shabbat. So, I’ve been on a quest since camp to recreate the feeling. “

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