Director of Camper Care

Director of Camper Care

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Primary Responsibilities:
The director of camper care is a year-round, part-time position working as part of the driven and collaborative professional team of Camp Ramah in the Poconos.
The director of camper care works alongside the associate director, with the guidance of the executive director, and is the primary professional responsible for the behavioral and social-emotional success of all campers at Camp Ramah in the Poconos.
While the items outlined in this job description serve as a guideline towards your work responsibilities, many of the day-to-day responsibilities will come in conjunction with conversations and supervision provided by the associate director as well as the executive director of CRP, and therefore are subject to change.

Year-Round Responsibilities:
• Responsible for pre-summer and post-summer conversations with families as it relates to the behavioral and social-emotional success of their child at camp
• Review camper self-evaluations, counselor evaluation, and strategies for success forms from the previous summer to help us better support each campers experience at camp
• Provide outreach to a camper’s support network that may include psychologists, social workers, teachers, rabbis, and medical professionals, in order to ensure that we are kept updated regarding a camper’s behavior and emotional progress during the year
• Review all special concerns forms as they are submitted throughout the year and prior to camp, helping us to recognize new or persistent issues, and following up with families as needed
• Assist with hiring and training yoatzot (summertime parent liaisons), helping to shape the camper care team
• Conduct at least one orientation workshop with all members of the camper care team in the spring
• Design and implement a pre-camp training for first year counselors helping them to understand their role in our camper care system
• Represent Camp Ramah in the Poconos on all National Ramah calls and conferences regarding camper care

Summertime Responsibilities:
• Staff training during staff week which includes, but is not limited to, education around common mental health issues that present at camp, behavioral management, and staff self-care
• Supervision of our camper care team, which includes running our semi-weekly camper care meetings, providing consultation on issues as they arise, ensuring documentation of all parent communication and one-to-one camper engagement, ensuring that camper care meetings with counselors and division heads are occurring according to protocol
• Serve as a summertime parent liaison to one or more division
• Serve as a member of the crisis management team as it pertains to the emotional safety of all campers and staff

• A graduate degree in psychiatry, psychology, social work, or counseling is required
• Ability to be at our summer camp facility from mid-June until mid-August
• While one does not need to be in living proximity to our Philadelphia offices, it is expected that the director of camper care would attend occasional planning meetings, workshops, or professional development with the year-round team

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