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Danube Guy in Town

“The exact brand of Judaism that I grew up with at Ramah doesn’t exist here, but my Ramah experience has energized me to explore the vast Jewish community of Budapest. I have prayed with the Masorti kehillah, in small steibel minyanim, and in beautiful Neolog (a Hungarian denomination) synagogues, eaten Shabbat and yomtov meals with […]


Going Home

“Something profound happened to me during those summers in Wisconsin which changed the trajectory of my life. I remember feeling something powerful even then, but not really having the words or perspective to adequately describe what I was experiencing. How could eight weeks, four consecutive summers, have had such a powerful effect on my life’s […]


Beth Heifetz: Drawing US Supreme Court clerks to her firm

Growing up in one of a small number of observant families in my hometown, summers at Camp Ramah provided an essential opportunity for me to experience the joys of sharing Jewish life and Jewish practice. Those summers at Ramah instilled in me an important roadmap for active Jewish living, for continued Jewish learning and growth, […]


Rick Malter’s Reflection

“My first summer at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin was in 1949. Over the next few summers, Rabbi Seymour (Shlomo) Fox, z”l, the camp’s director, brought the University of Chicago influence to camp. He introduced many of us to John Dewey, Sigmund Freud, and Bruno Bettelheim’s psychoanalytical approach. Somehow, Rabbi Fox made it all come together […]


Kerem Trip To Israel, January 19-23, 2016

“According to Rabbi Cohen, “One of the earliest goals of Reshet Ramah was to create networks of Ramah leaders for professional growth. Through Kerem, we have, over the last three years, provided an opportunity for 20-something Ramah leaders to form deeper connections ,which has led to professional networking, professional growth, and personal religious development. This […]