Larry Pepper & Dana Beth Yugend-Pepper

Dana and I knew each other for two summers before we started dating during our Nivonim summer. She likes to say that we’ve known each other since Bogrim, but have been kissing since Nivonim. Different then getting to know someone outside of camp, we were with each other for many hours each day for eight weeks. We had a chance to see each other in many situations, and we obviously liked what we saw. It was also a great opportunity for our parents to meet each other over a few summers before things got serious. Dana and I had our favorite spots around camp where we would walk & talk. There was a tree on Nivonim hill that had a hollowed out spot in it where we used to leave love notes for each other. Israel seminar and our staff year gave us the additional time together so that we knew it was meant to be. Now, going back to camp as parents, and seeing our daughter so happy there, where we were so happy, is very powerful.

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