Jonathan Petuchowksi & Leslie Yenkin

Our Ramah romance story is a “classic” and serves as an example of how several years together at Ramah can help build a foundation for a relationship many years later. We attended Ramah in Wisconsin together in 1973 through 1975. We stayed in touch as friends with visits, telephone calls, and letters through 1982. Then we lost touch for 9 years. But, then on April 14, 1991, purely coincidentally, we ended up attending the same party in Washington DC. It turned out that we were living just a few blocks away from each other in DuPont Circle. Nine months later we were married. We had both moved from Ohio upon high school graduation in 1977, but 20 years later we moved back and are now living with our twelve-year-old daughter, Abigail, in Columbus. We often think about our special times together with dear friends at Ramah in Wisconsin and are grateful that the camp brought us together.

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