Steve Kane & Judy Thaler Kane

Judy was a counselor in my Edah (Solelim) in Wisconsin, and I was the Rosh Edah (would this even be legal today?!). She had actually heard about me from a mutual friend before camp, and has said that she knew even prior to camp that we would have a relationship! I showed up in camp with this goofy wing-hat, and in spite of that we were “together” by the end of staff week. She returned to New York after the summer, and I went on to Rabbinical School at the UJ. After numerous visits during the year, we decided that we would both go to Nyack the next summer where her father was the director. She became Rosh Rikkud (which she still is 26 years later) and I a Rosh Edah for the next 8 years! We got engaged the following year in Israel (at the Kotel on Erev Shabbat/New Year’s Eve) and got married in October 1983. Ramah has continued to be an important part of our lives, and now the lives of our children. Our oldest is currently a staff member in the Berkshires, and we are certain our other two will eventually follow.

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