Jay Reisbaum & Tara Spitz Reisbaum

Tara and I met when we were part of the Chavurah program as camp waiters in ’79. We did not start dating until the next summer when I was a Mador and she worked in the kitchen. We went back to camp each summer through college and then I went back a few more summers as a rosh edah.

We then were married and Tara went back to camp as a teacher for the Tikvah Program, where she is currently the Director. I joined the Camp Board of Directors, where I currently serve as Chairman. Ramah has always been at the center of our lives.

Camp Ramah allowed us to be a part of the most dynamic Jewish community around, filled with tremendous role models and an unparalleled depth of relationship to friends, mentors and students. Most of our closest friends are from our camp community. It has been a privilege to come through the ranks with so many of our top Rabbis, lay leaders and educators.

As the song says, “there is no place like Camp Ramah.” We are blessed to have been introduced to such a nurturing environment.

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