Sheldon M. Levin & Nita Polay Levin

We had met a few times before, but it was definitely Ramah that brought us together! Both of us were specialists and wherever I was, there was Sheldon! For example, I had been in the staff choir for four years before he was Rosh Musica–that was one way. We both went Israeli folk dancing on Friday night with the edot, all the plays, and we seemed to attend the same staff activities. Then he came to Omanut and asked if there was someone on staff who could teach him to crochet a kipah! After twenty-two years of marriage, he still won’t tell me if that was a line or not–but I did give him private lessons! Ramah enabled us to enjoy these activities in a casual, individual way and experience each other without pressure, discovering that we had the same interests and dreams for life, including sending our kids to Ramah!

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