Lilah Schwartz Reisner & Danny Reisner

Though Danny and Lilah are proud Poconos alumni, their Ramah story actually starts at Ramah Palmer, where they met at the Winer Institute for Rosh Edah Training program in 2015. Lilah grew up at Ramah Poconos, starting as a notzizim camper in 2006 and going through Gesher and continuing on tzevet. Danny didn’t go to Ramah as a camper but started as a counselor in 2013. At Winer, Danny and Lilah became friends instantly, spending much of the training together. When they went to Poconos for camp that summer that friendship continued and by the middle of that summer it became clear that it was more than just friendship. However, after the summer, Danny started law school at Cardozo in NYC and Lilah went back for her sophomore year at Pitt, and they both thought it was just a summer fling and that they would go their separate ways. Instead, they did not go their separate ways, starting to date the next year, and there hasn’t been a day since they left camp in 2015 that they haven’t spoken to one another. After dating long-distance for 3 years, Lilah moved to NYC and Danny proposed to her in her Upper West Side apartment on December 29th, 2018. The couple got married on August 31st, 2020 and now reside together in New York City. To say Ramah is their relationship is an understatement. Everything they are as a couple is because of the values they’ve learned from Ramah, from doing Havdalah in the camp tune each week to nightly talks to keep them on the same page like co-counselors, Ramah is always at the center of their relationship.

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