Daniel Prober & Sharon Katz Prober

Dan and I met in June of 1967, right after the Six Day War. Palmer was an amazing place to be at that time, especially for me, as I was new to the entire Ramah experience, and was coming for the first time on staff.

The camp was charged with incredible ruach. Back then, coming to Ramah on staff, with no prior Ramah experience, was a bit unusual. Dan and I were in the same edah, with Vicky Kelman as our rosh. We spent lots of time working together on staff, and then started spending lots of time together in general.

Dan was at Brandeis and I was at BU, very convenient for continuing our Ramah romance. We have retained our Ramah zeal, as our three boys have all been campers, and the two older ones have been on staff also. I have been on the Ramah Board over the years, and we have been active fundraisers and cheerleaders for this most amazing institution.

Ramah has a very special place in our hearts and we have been thrilled that our children have continued the circle.

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