Joshua Savitz & Naomi Himmel Savitz

Although we first met one another in Shorashim (11 years old), it wasn’t until we both returned to Camp on staff in 1989 (17 years old) that we started to date. I vividly remember watching Josh play softball, turning to a friend and saying, “I’m going to marry that guy.”  Little did I know it would really end up that way. We dated long distance for the next 6 years and were married in December 1995. This December marks our ten-year wedding anniversary. At Camp Ramah Berkshires I found my best friend, the love of my life and the greatest father for our two children, Ariella (5 1/2) and Nate (1 1/2). We have returned to Camp several times for alumni weekend and sit on the fundraising committee of the alumni association. Our daughter anxiously waits until she is old enough to go to the camp “where Ima and Abba met.”

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