Aaron Jaffe & Claudia Grossman Jaffe

Aaron had been a camper at Ramah for many years and was away on Seminar when I spent my first summer at Camp Ramah in Canada, in 1980. I saw a notice that Ramah was hiring waiters and applied for the job. I returned as head waitress the next year and Aaron came on staff in the photography department. Two years later we both worked on the tripping staff and led canoe and hiking trips. We kept in touch, by old-fashioned mail, to a degree throughout college. In February, Aaron called me for my birthday and we ended up on the phone for an hour. He invited me to his college senior ball and I traveled from Ithaca to New York to attend. We started a long-distance relationship that continued while I attended law school. We were married in Niagara Falls in October 1988, with several Ramahniks in attendance. Our three sons, Joshua, Adam and Seth, have all attended Camp Ramah. We warned them to be careful —look what happened to us!

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