Karl Zeff & Sheri Gordon Zeff

OK, Sheri says she first noticed me as a guy who would spent time studying college catalogs trying to figure out what I would be taking the next semester or whether I should even transfer to a different school.…

She and I had mutual friends and we remained in touch especially after she became a UCLA student like me. We began to date three years later. During that time we discovered she had in her possession an old unclaimed towel from the Ramah lost and found that had my name on it. I realized then that this was the sign she was my bashert, my intended one. I wrapped it around her and pulled her towards me, saying, “Would you marry me?” This was probably the 500th time I had asked her the same question. Previously she thought I was joking, but this time she said she would “think about it.” Well, I finally wore her down, and the rest is HISTORY!

I am writing this actually on our 26th wedding anniversary. We are proud that our son Danny has gone through all the edot and will be working this summer as a counselor. We are also grateful for Ramah hosting a Special Needs Family Weekend so our son Mickey can also participate in the Ramah experience.

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