Burton Cohen & Roberta Cheskis Cohen

Rabbi Burton Cohen and Roberta Cheskis Cohen z”l belong to the couples who married in the first decade of Ramah Wisconsin. Burt attended camp in 1947, the very first summer, as a camper, and Bobbie began her Ramah Wisconsin career a few years later as a participant in the Chug Limud (Study Group). They were married on September 5, 1954.  Over the years, Burt went on to serve on staff as Madrich Tzair, Madrich, Rosh Aidah, Camp Director, and National Ramah Director.  Bobbie served as Madricha Tzeira, Madricha, teacher to the service staff, and chanutiah manager. Their consecutive record of years at Conover was fairly unblemished until they moved to New York City in 1975.  Of all the seasons, they spent only one, 1954, in another Ramah camp, Camp Ramah in Connecticut. Bobbie gave birth to three Ramahnik offspring: Yehuda (father of Wisconsin Ramahnik Joe), Ilana, and Ayala Cohen Podhoretz (mother to Wisconsin Ramahniks Shayna, Shiri, and Isaac).

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