Berkowicz Pogrund

Brian Pogrund & Hannah Pogrund

We met in the summer of 2000 (Chalutzim) at Ramah Wisconsin. It was the first summer you could attend camp. Though we had mutual friends, Brian and I got on each other’s nerves that summer. We would make fun of each other in a juvenile way, especially in our text class that we had together. We grew to enjoy each other and hoped to stay friends the next year when our different Schechter schools joined as one in middle school.

Unfortunately, we had no classes together, which brought our friendship to a standstill. Each year we were friendly, and each summer we became best friends all over again. In our Bogrim summer, we were dating each other’s friends and constantly gave each other dating advice. Our status as great friends lasted through our Bogrim, Machon, and Nivo summers.

Brian and I credit Ramah for our friendship and our relationship.

Finally the school year after Nivo, Brian and I started realizing that the qualities that we were looking for in a relationship were standing right before us in each other as great friends. We dated throughout Seminar, as counselors, all throughout college (despite being long distance), and the year after. In February 2012, we got engaged, and we were married on November 25, 2012. Brian and I credit Ramah for our friendship and our relationship.

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