2010s Marriages

Hundreds of Ramahniks have fallen in love and married someone they met at camp or on a Ramah Israel program. Below are Ramah marriage stories from the 2010s.

Neil Goldsmith & Elana Hoffman Goldsmith

Met: 2004    Married: 2010    

Neil and I met when we were on staff at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin in 2004; I was a Senior Counselor and Neil was a Junior Counselor. Because he was one aidah younger and we were from different hometowns, I "scouted him out" before the summer began. Little did I know, he had heard I was interested in him, and we started our relationship quickly during staff week.

Adi Segal & Danielle Schindler

Met: 2000    Married: 2015    

In 2007, Adi Segal returned to the camp as a counselor. Not long after, Danielle Schindler followed suit. And in the summer of 2009, with many other counselors out sick or on vacation, the two bonded over an unenviable task — entertaining 85 jumpy, excitable 11-year-olds.

Josh Lerman & Lauren Sadler

Met: 2000    Married: 2015    

Lauren and Josh met in 2000 at Camp Ramah Darom in the North Georgia mountains. Lauren remembers being interested in a goofy, funny, outgoing and charismatic boy that summer. Lauren was too shy to go over and say anything to Josh, yet all of her friends knew she liked him. Two summers went by and they really only talked to each other once - on the last day of camp.