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Jean and Samuel Frankel Jewish Academy of Metropolitan Detroit (FJA) seeks a General Studies Principal (GSP) to develop and implement innovative, and impactful models of teaching and learning.

We are seeking candidates with school administrative experience who are creative, energetic, dynamic, organized, and driven. The GSP will foster an intellectually open environment that is meaningful, appealing, and welcoming to a wide-range of learners. The GSP will work to create an atmosphere of joyful learning and inquiry and form meaningful connections with staff, students, and parents.

The GSP will demonstrate a leadership style that fosters collaborative partnerships, meaningful relationships, and passionate commitment to FJA’s mission and philosophy. The GSP is responsible for all Student Services and General Studies academic and programmatic matters. The GSP will help develop, articulate, and implement a vision for teaching and learning at FJA that is student centered, experiential, and engaging. The GSP will be responsible for developing and coordinating the General Studies curriculum, the Arts and Athletics Programs and, in collaboration with the Judaic Principal, all co-curricular and extracurricular activities and programs.

General Studies Curriculum and Curricular Development

The GSP serves as head of General Studies and is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing the General Studies curriculum, in consultation with the Department Chairs, that is responsive to the educational needs of the FJA community and that is aligned with the FJA Mission and Core Values. The GSP will be responsible for reviewing and revising the existing General Studies curriculum and fulfilling the following objectives: Ensuring that an FJA student will transition easily from grade to grade regarding their proficiency in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Creating and/or implementing new courses, and revising existing courses.  Strengthening the emotional and moral development of our students through various curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular initiatives.  Helping grow the school by creating pathways and programs for easy entry into the school by students with various learning needs.  Updating the curriculum guide and map so that it continually reflects the FJA General Studies curriculum. Ensuring that curricular goals and benchmarks are being met at each grade level.

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

The GSP will see to the implementation of creative and innovative programming to further the educational/student development mission of FJA outside of the classroom. The GSP will, when necessary, act as an advisor to these programs.

General Administrative Responsibilities

The GSP will be a member of FJA’s administrative team. The GSP will work closely with the Judaic Principal in carrying out the daily academic operations of the school.  The GSP will be responsible for annual scheduling of classes in cooperation with the Judaic Principal. These responsibilities include student evaluation and placement, and interviewing candidates for admission to FJA. The GSP will oversee ordering books and other curricular materials, as well as manage inventorying and storage of textbooks and resource materials. The GSP will be responsible for ensuring that all General Studies teachers fulfill their professional responsibilities throughout the school year (e.g. parent communication, proper posting of grades) and check out properly at the end of the year.

Staff and Departmental Meetings

The GSP is responsible for scheduling and chairing regular meetings with each General Studies and Student Services departments and Department Chairs to ensure that curricular and programmatic goals are being realized in each department. The GSP will also plan and conduct, in collaboration with the Head of School and Judaic Principal, weekly staff/faculty meetings.

Teaching Responsibilities

The GSP duties may require part-time teaching responsibilities. In the case of a prolonged absence of a teacher, the GSP may be called upon to fill in for a given teacher in a particular class. The GSP is expected to have a continuous knowledge of the curriculum and class expectations of all General Studies courses.

Supervisory Responsibilities

The GSP will be responsible for managing, supervising, and evaluating all Student Services and General Studies faculty and staff including the following:

  • English Department Chair and teachers
  • Mathematics Department Chair and teachers
  • Science Department Chair and teachers
  • Social Studies Department Chair and teachers
  • Professional Development Coordinators
  • Athletics Director
  • Director of Performing and Visual Arts
  • Director of College Counseling
  • Director of Innovation and Technology
  • Learning Specialists
  • Social Workers

Supervisory duties include goal setting and reviews of all management level staff and annual reviews of all General Studies teaching faculty. The GSP is responsible for setting salaries for all aforementioned staff and faculty in conjunction with the COO and Head of School. The GSP will be expected to continually recruit new faculty to FJA by developing relationships with teacher education programs and career referral services. When necessary, the GSP will be expected to dismiss underperforming staff in coordination with the COO and Head of School.  In the absence of a Department Chair or equivalent managerial position in General Studies, the GSP will be expected to fulfill the requisite managerial duties.

Professional Development

FJA has constantly been involved in major Professional Development (PD) initiatives.  FJA also participates in local professional development programs and encourages each faculty and staff member to take advantage of PD opportunities provided by ISACS, AIMS, PRIZMAH, and other network organizations to which FJA is a member.  FJA has also been deeply committed to embedded PD such as New Teacher Mentoring and Peer Coaching programs. The GSP will be expected to be familiar with Professional Development programs and the language of PD. The GSP will work with the Judaic Principal and the PD team to see to the implementation of these PD programs as well as overseeing yearly new teacher and staff orientations. The GSP will be expected to travel with teams of faculty when necessary to attend meetings and conferences, and will be expected to be a leader in particular PD programs.

Summary of Roles and Responsibilities

  • Serve with the Judaic Principal on the Academic Administrative Team and school leadership team.
  • Supervise and evaluate classroom instruction.
  • Supervise and coordinate the efforts of the department chairs.
  • Supervise the development and implementation of the General Studies curriculum including the Arts and Athletics program.
  • Conduct regular meetings with faculty and department chairs, regarding routine school matters as well as stimulating exchange of ideas on issues of educational/philosophical interest and concern.
  • Serve as a consultant to teachers in matters of classroom management, teaching methods, and general school procedures.
  • Meet with department heads to assess the professional growth of departments and to coordinate inter-departmental initiatives.
  • Assist in the selection, direction, evaluation and/or dismissal of academic staff and faculty.
  • Respond to parents and students regarding concerns and issues (academic, emotional, behavioral, etc.).
  • With the Judaic Principal, oversee the coordination of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activity programs of the school
  • Assist in the planning and the presentation of school assemblies (Town Hall) and programs.
  • Monitor student academic progress and devise and intervene with improvement strategies when necessary.
  • Supervise Student Services to ensure comprehensive academic, social and emotional guidance and the maintenance of complete records on all students.
  • Oversee the grading and the reporting of standards and methods used by teachers in measuring student achievement.
  • Establish and maintain guidelines for proper student conduct and dress.
  • Assist in the admission process for testing, interviewing, and evaluating of applicants for enrollment.
  • Ensure ISACS accreditation requirements are maintained and reported on as required.
  • Ensure Non-Public School reporting requirements are maintained and reported on as required.
  • Edit and coordinate the publication of the annual (as necessary) curriculum guide.
  • Assist in preparing the master class schedule, including teacher and room assignments, and student schedules.
  • Assist in maintaining a comprehensive calendar of school events.
  • Assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of policies and procedures in the total school program.
  • Establish a visible presence in all areas of the school, work toward a resolution of all problems – both routine and unique – as they arise and keep the Head of School informed of the general programs, activities, and problems of the school.
  • Represent the school as an ambassador in recruitment, alumni relations, and other community events as necessary.

Qualities and qualifications:

  • Holds a Master’s level degree in education.
  • Has a minimum of 3 years of school leadership experience.
  • Demonstrates a strong understanding of current instructional and learning practices.
  • Refers to the mission, vision and philosophy in all decision making.
  • Demonstrates leadership and supervision that is collaborative.
  • Works well as a member of a team and seeks feedback from colleagues and constituents.
  • Uses effective management techniques to support and guide effective goal setting and evaluation.
  • Envisions clear, innovative and aspirational goals for teaching and learning, and is able to share those goals to motivate all constituents.
  • Utilizes strong communication skills both written and verbally.
  • Has the ability to be an active and attentive listener
  • Is highly organized and pays attention to detail.


$95,000 – $110,000

School Information

FJA is a rigorous college preparatory high school pursuing academic excellence and Jewish literacy.  The school draws its student body from diverse backgrounds to learn together in an open and tolerant environment that supports Jewish tradition, culture and religious practice. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and faiths.

FJA offers a warm and supportive working environment and competitive salary and benefits. It provides exceptional, nationally recognized support and mentoring for new teachers, as well as extensive professional development opportunities for all faculty. FJA is a professional learning community where all teachers are expected to be ongoing learners. FJA strongly supports the development and growth of each member of its professional teaching staff. From establishing standards and benchmarks, to coaching web literacy, to providing up-to-date technology to enhance the classroom experience, FJA is committed to hiring and retaining teachers suitable to its mission and to providing the necessary support so that honing one’s craft becomes an integral part of a teacher’s professional life.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email your resume, cover letter and references to In the subject title, please write, “General Studies Principal.” You may also fax these forms to 248.592.0022.

Frankel Jewish Academy is a non-profit private secondary academy. We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to the belief that each individual is entitled to equal employment opportunity.  Applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, age, color, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation or pregnancy), disability, religion, national origin or genetic information.

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